The Land of Fear

Maryland's Most INTENSE Haunted Trail


come see what everyone is screaming about...


The Land of Fear is Maryland's newest and most intense haunted trail! Tucked away in the dense, dark woods of Taneytown, you will navigate through a perilous trail of your worst NIGHTMARES. For those who are looking for a more intense experience, you will have the opportunity to wear one of our glow sticks giving our creatures consent to grab you, touch you and contain you... This is NOT your average haunted attraction.

PRICING: ONLY $15.00 per person, bought at our ticket booth on site. CASH ONLY!

LOCATION: 3939 Old Taneytown Rd. Taneytown, MD 21787
(On the grounds of Paintball Adventure Park) 


SEE YOU IN 2019!

* Check our Facebook page daily for cancelations due to inclement weather! * 


- Whats the deal with the glow sticks
Anyone who wishes to participate will have the option to wear a glow stick through our trail, allowing our creatures to grab, touch and chase you, SAFELY. The glow stick can be removed at any time you feel it has become too intense.

- Do you have any other attractions?
At the moment we offer one, completely outdoor trail. But keep in mind The Land of Fear is an EXTREME experience. Some will not last five minutes through our gate.

- Can you accommodate the handicapped?
Because of the natural terrain that our trail was built through, unfortunately any handicapped individual would not be able to safely traverse through our haunt. We do apologize!

- What if it rains?
- We will not operate during heavy rain conditions because our haunt is completely outdoors. You can check our Facebook for cancelations due to inclement weather.

- Is there food? Im hungry!
- We will have an assortment of light snacks available for purchase, and if there are any food trucks attending we will announce it via Facebook ahead of time.

- How long is the trail?
Everyone makes it through our trail at a different pace but you can expect it to last 30 minutes.

THANK YOU to the Parkville Savers for their generous donations this season!


Fear is coming...